BIM Training Courses in July 2016

by cadtrainingcourses on May 4, 2016

See below for information on up coming courses in July

BIM Academy – Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Training Course

The Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 course is delivered by one of BIM Academy’s registered ATC Instructors using a combination of presentations, interactive sessions and videos to provide a comprehensive and stimulating three day course. You will begin by learning the basic 3D modelling tools and progress to producing complete project documentation by the third day. In addition you will be introduced to the Revit’s concept massing tool and cover the key principles of object library creation.

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BIM: Autodesk Revit Structure 2015 Training Course

Available Course Dates. 26th – 28th April 2016. 12th – 14th July 2016. 18th – 20th October 2016. For further information please click on the image below. BIM Logo.

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The Second Annual BIM Conference

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working, which uses digital technologies to bring design, creation, maintenance, and key data together into a 3D model that evolves as the project does. BIM Level 2 aimed to encourage the construction industry to make full use of this technology, rolling BIM out to all centrally funded projects by 2016. The publication of Digital Built Britain (BIM Level 3), designed to build on the Level 2, has attracted criticism from the industry, however. Roofing specialists Marley Eternit suggest in their company blog that focus should be placed on helping companies achieve more immediate BIM challenges, rather than on a government vision that could be ten years away. The firm states that those not involved in centrally funded or large private design and build projects have had little opportunity to experience working with BIM.

A 2014 survey conducted by Pinsent Masons found that 64% of BIM experts thought the Government’s 2016 BIM targets were simply unachievable. BIM providers suggest that Digital Build Britain appears to be a “vision” rather than a definitive prescription of how the industry should work. Richard Saxon, former UK BIM Ambassador for Growth, states that “Collaboration is absolutely central to BIM”, but that this kind of collaboration has not yet been achieved in the industry.

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Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and AutoDesk Revit

Building on the BIM expertise within the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment, this course aims to provide a hands-on learning environment for all construction professionals in the creation of a Revit BIM model.

During the first day you will learn about levels, grids and columns, walls, doors and windows, floors, stairs, ceilings, roofs, sections, elevations, views, layouts and plotting. Utilising these commands and techniques you will create a building of your choice demonstrating the inclusion of all these aspects.

As the course progresses you will also learn about curtain walling, 3D views, rendered outputs, schedules, families (basic content creation), details and callouts, linked files and layouts and plotting. This knowledge will extend the modelling from the first day and result in a variety of outputs of the information.

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